Amanda Dowhy

For SD62 Trustee

Equitable access for

all students in
School District 62

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Meet the Candidate

Thank you for taking an interest in your local School Board elections! Together we can use our voices and our relationships throughout the community to help grow and improve SD62. Children, families, and communities all benefit when we take a joint approach to supporting students as caring, thoughtful, and critically thinking learners.


Amanda Dowhy is an EMCS graduate, long time resident of Sooke, and parent of 2 current SD62 students with a long and extensive history as a community volunteer in Sooke. For nearly the past decade, she has lent her voice as a parent volunteer serving multiple positions across school PACs, the District PAC - Sooke Parents Educational Advisory Council (SPEAC), and as a representative to the BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils. This experience has provided her the opportunity to participate in and serve as a committee member on District Committees and hiring panels, giving her a broad understanding of the scope of responsibility of a School Board Trustee in SD62.


In a district divided into both rural and urban settings, Dowhy will endeavour to ensure the Sooke School Board will strive to remove the stigma of have and have-not schools within our district and work to ensure that every student progressing through our schools is provided with a consistent and high-quality foundation for learning.


Equitable access to education has long been a passion for Dowhy; from ensuring students, families, and staff have safety measures in place, to communication strategies, to the accessibility of informational resources for families. She has been a strong advocate for building relationships across School District, Municipal, and Provincial sectors to build and support access to learning and safety measures in a rapidly growing and shifting area.


Dowhy feels that ensuring our schools are safe, inclusive, and diverse spaces where all students and families feel welcome is key to helping students grow into prepared citizens of our communities as they transition out of secondary school.  She has also stated that as a District, we need to take an active role in dismantling systemic racism within our schools in order to create those safe, inclusive, and diverse spaces.


As a lifelong learner with a background in hospitality, business administration and accounting; the logistics of planning and revising budgets is a task well within her comfort zone and skillset. Dowhy has developed a well rounded perspective on the District budgeting process through her experience presenting as an education partner to the District on the needs of parents and students from a budget perspective, and participating in subsequent conversations to facilitate a proposal to the Board of Education.


Amanda Dowhy has been excited to be engaging with her community over the weeks leading up to the election. She believes she will bring a strong voice to the Board of Education and her experience as a community organizer and volunteer will put her in a strong position to represent the voices of her community on the Board.

"I’m one of those long term SD 62 trustees not running in 2022. Over the years I have often worked with Amanda through her many roles with SPEAC. She has earned my complete respect as a person able to understand and advocate for kids, SD 62 staff and our families. She has a life time of roots here in Sooke. She understands the Ministry of Education’s priorities of equity, inclusion and diversity.
I could not imagine a better prepared candidate to represent our communities as a school board trustee. Thanks for running Amanda!"

Bob Phillips, Otter Point


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